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How financial planning can help you?

Financial planning is not just for the wealthy - it is for everyone and should start with your first job and continue through life.

In this changing, complex world there will also be times when you will need to review previous arrangements to make sure they still meet your needs.

Services offered by our practice.

The services offered by ROAN Financial Pty Ltd include:

  • Investment advice
  • Standard Margin Lending Facility
  • Mortgage Loans 
  • Retirement and redundancy planning
  • Superannuation advice
  • Investment evaluation, review and reporting
  • Advice on margin lending
  • Risk protection, assessment and advice (please use our DIY Insurance Quotation*)
  • Assistance with estate planning

Solicitor or accountant involvement

We welcome the involvement of your accountant or solicitor to ensure that you get the Statement of Advice which is best for you.

They are specialists in their own fields and have others details of your affairs which may influence your decisions.

Sound financial planning will normally proceed along the following lines:

  • An initial consultation to obtain background information and establish your financial objectives.
    A personal profile is developed which may include income and expenses, savings, debt, taxation, insurance, superannuation, pension and benefit entitlements.
  • By professional analysis of your profile, a fully documented personal Statement of Advice, explaining exactly how you can achieve your investment goals is developed and a suitable portfolio of investments is recommended. This plan becomes your property.
  • Further discussions and fine tuning of the recommendations will take place. Implementation of the Statement of Advice is entirely your decision but we will assist you with its execution and keep you informed of development.
  • Review of the Statement of Advice on at least an annual basis will ensure that your Statement of Advice remains relevant to your needs.

Comprehensive research backed advice

All products recommended to our clients are sourced from ROAN Financial Group’s approved product list after passing a disciplined assessment. Our research and technical support services team conduct a rigorous research analysis internally which is supported by external party research houses. Recommendations are made on the basis of security, management, expertise and performance.

As a Corporate Authorised Representative of ROAN Financial Group, a wide selection of major companies and fund managers are used to fully provided for your risk Insurance, investment and financial needs.

ROAN Financial Group is responsible for our activities and our prime duty is to you the client.

Clients can be assured of complete professional advice and all discussions take place in the strictest confidence.

*Disclaimer: The information appearing on this website (and via the links provided on this website) is for general information only and should not be taken as constituting advice. The calculators provided in this website are for illustrative purposes only and the results they give should not be taken as constituting advice. While all reasonable care has been taken in preparing the information , in providing links to relevant websites and designing the calculators, the Roan Financial Group provides no warranties and makes no representations that the information provided or linked to (including any calculation) is correct, complete or reliable, or appropriate to your circumstances. You should obtain independent advice on any specific issues concerning you.